Gas Chiller Controllers

Gas Chiller Controllers

The Gas Chiller Controller provides precision temperature control with touch-screen operation, easy-to-read system information, chiller health diagnostics, data logging, and remote communications.

Developed by our in-house engineering team, our controller provides many advantages over off-the-shelf controls such as PLCs. We don't have to rely on predefined functions that would otherwise be difficult to change. We have the flexibility to deliver complex functionality including fluid flow and pressure control, when needed. With control over programming and customization we don't have to compromise on meeting customer cooling requirements.

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Gas Chiller Controller:

  • Displays critical parameters such as supply and return temperature and pressure
  • Alarms for out-of-temperature range, low process flow, low reservoir level, and more
  • Logs diagnostics such as component run time, valve cycle count, ambient and enclosure temperatures
  • Displays temperature graphing
  • Communicates via Ethernet, RS-232, USB
  • Logs data, accessible via remote communications
  • CE and RoHS compliant