Gas Chiller Systems - Portable Chillers

Portable gas chiller systems provide low and ultra-low temperature, mechanical or cryogenic cooling.  These are highly reliable, process chillers are used in aerospace, automotive, defense, semiconductor, and other industries.

Mechanical Gas Chillers

Mechanical gas chillers use clean dry nitrogen, argon or air to achieve temperatures between -100 and 300°C. Thermonics® provides a wide range of process chiller options shown in the chart below:

  Low Temperature Ultra-low Temperature
Temperature Range -45 to +300°C -60 to +300°C -90 to +300°C -100 to +300°C
Air Flow Output * 4 to 10 scfm 5 scfm 4 to 18 scfm 4 to 12 scfm
Refrigeration System Autocascade Autocascade Autocascade Autocascade
          *Higher capacity systems available on request.

Mechanical gas process chillers can be configured with the following features:

  • 0pen and closed loop designs
  • No LN2 or LCO2 required
  • Gases: Air, Nitrogen, Argon
  • Precise temperature control and process monitoring
  • Very fast temperature transitions
  • Communications: Ethernet, RS232/RS485, IEEE 488, Dry Contacts
  • Standards and Certification Options: IEC 60601-1, IEC 61601-1, SEMI S2, S8, F47, UL, MET, CE certified and RoHS compliant

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gas chillerCryogenic Gas Chillers

Cryogenic gas chillers support low temperature output dependent on the cooling medium used – LCO2 or LN2, down to temperatures of -60 or -180°C, respectively. Typical applications for cryogenic gas chillers include low-temperature extremes and small footprint requirements, not achievable with mechanical refrigeration systems.