About Thermonics Chiller Manufacturing

Thermonics Corp. belongs to a family of temperature-related companies under inTEST Thermal Solutions, the Thermal Products Segment of inTEST Corp. Born out of experience developed in the 1970's with designing and integrating chiller systems for the semiconductor industry, the company expanded its reach for meeting thermal management challenges to other industries. Today, these activities include energy, fiber optic, consumer product manufacturing, semiconductor and industrial markets.

Thermonics Process Chillers

Thermonics specializes in standard and custom fluid and gas chillers. Our chillers are rated for ultra-low temperatures and heating up to 300°C. They feature precise temperature control and stability with cooling capacity up to 20kW.

  • Ultra-low temperatures from -100°C
  • Up to 50kW cooling capacities
  • Air or Water cooled systems
  • Custom chillers – capacity and footprint
  • Rapid design to delivery
  • Worldwide support
  • ISO 9001:2015 registered
  • All products RoHS compliant

inTEST Thermal Solutions has delivered thousands of controlled heating and cooling systems. With decades of solving thermal problems for development, lab, and production applications, we can solve your process cooling needs. Contact us to learn how.